Globalists Prep Crackdown on Weekend “Yellow Vest” Protest

Protests inspired by the French 'Yellow Vests' are spreading across Europe as globalists prepare to crack down in anticipation of massive demonstrations this weekend.

Yellow Vest members are protesting against mass migration, crippling taxation, and the decreasing standard of living that's been taking place in Belgium and the Netherlands, and more are planned for this weekend in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Maastricht, Groningen, Brussels, and more.

Social media and word of mouth are key to organizing the loosely connected grassroots campaigns, and a Dutch Facebook group for the 'gele hesjes' (yellow vests) has accumulated over 22,000 members less than two weeks since its creation.

Interestingly, this weekend's rallies coincide with the United Nations Intergovernmental Conference to adopt the Global Compact on Migration taking place in Marrakesh, Morocco, indicating Brussels could see amplified activity as Europeans descend on the globalist stronghold to voice their opposition to the devastating deal, as well.

"This Saturday a new protest from the yellow vests will take place in Brussels," Belgian journalist Tom Lallemand told Infowars Europe. "I believe the authorities and police are really afraid it will escalate again, just like last week when two police cars were set on fire."

"The police are reportedly deploying more than 1,000 security officers and they ask everyone to avoid Brussels as much as possible – a little difficult because there will be a political event Saturday to protest against the Marrakesh UN Migration Pact. Many politicians such as Marine Le Pen and Steve Bannon are coming to speak there. I expect a very chaotic day in Brussels."

Dutch police have preemptively arrested a top figure of the Yellow Vests in Maastricht, a move fellow activists believe is intended to discourage others from joining their movement.

France is anticipating the largest demonstrations yet, and is reportedly deploying 89,000 security personnel nationwide in preparation.

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