Yellow Vests Leader "Handicapped For Life" By Police

A leading figure of the French 'Yellow Vests' movement has been "handicapped for life" and may lose his eye after being shot by police in Paris, according to his attorney.

Jerome Rodrigues, 40, who has become a recognizable character in the anti-globalist protest campaign, was live-streaming last weekend's demonstrations when he was reportedly blasted in the face with a 'flashball' - a 40mm rubber round being utilized by riot police.

"He is in shock," Rodrigues's lawyer told BFM TV. "He will be handicapped for life."

"It is a tragedy for him and his family."

Rodrigues's own footage indicates he was likely shot at close range, fueling speculation that he may have been targeted.

Rodrigues was reportedly placed in an artificial coma overnight and expects he will lose his eye completely.

"I will lose my eye, family," Rodrigues wrote on Facebook.

Rodrigues addressed the media from his hospital room, telling them that he had also been hit with a 'stingball grenade' during the attack.

"Everything happened very quickly. They threw a grenade at me and I took a  [rubber] bullet. I was attacked twice -- a grenade to the foot, and the bullet," Rodrigues told LCI.

In the moments before he was shot, Rodrigues was reportedly warning fellow Yellow Vests to move out of the area due to a mounting presence of 'black bloc' agitators – radical leftist militants – who were likely amassing to attack police.

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