Youth Gang Fires 'Rockets' at Swedish School

A school in Sweden was badly damaged by a gang of youths who shot 'rockets' into the building, according to authorities.

Police were alerted to reports of vandalism by a large group of hooligans at a school in Dalhem on Sunday night.

"According to initial information, there were about 20 young people firing rockets at the building," Swedish Police explained in a statement.

"The police are now on site with a number of resources in the area and have been able to establish that a number of windows have been smashed on the school building and that at least one firework has been thrown into the school."

When patrols arrived on the scene, the suspects fled and no arrests were made.

An investigation has been launched into the incident, which has been classified as attempted arson.

Fireworks and similar explosives have become favorite weapons of choice for 'youth gangs' who use them in attacks on law enforcement and emergency responders across Western Europe.

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(PHOTO: MAJA SUSLIN/AFP via Getty Images)

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