‘Youths’ Attack, Rob Belgian Police Officer Trying to Enforce Mask Rule

A police officer in Belgium was beaten and mugged by a group of ‘youths’ after he attempted to enforce face mask rules on a train, according to reports.

The federal officer, who was not in uniform, encountered a group of ‘young people’ aboard a subway car in Brussels.

After observing they were not wearing face masks, which are currently mandatory, he confronted them, but was ignored.

“Moments later, when the officer tried to get out, he was forcibly ambushed by a group of youths, most likely the same youths he approached to wear a mouth mask. They attacked the man, took his belongings and then fled,” SCEPTR reports.

Authorities confirm they apprehended at least two suspects in the attack, but did not release any further information about them except their initials.

"Several suspects could be identified and two of them were arrested that same evening," said Willemien Baert, a local prosecutor's spokeswoman. "This regards K.B. and A.I., both 20-years-old. They were presented to the investigating judge and conditionally released after questioning."

Crimes committed aboard trains and in metro stations in Brussels have been rising in recent years, as Infowars Europe has regularly reported.

Rep. Mark Meadows says it’s time for people to go to jail for the Russia hoax.

(PHOTO: Dursun Aydemir/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

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